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Sadler Scared to death by the Sadler/Chevy special at Road Atlanta '96, owner Jack Boxstrom looks on.

250 SWB My very first major ride mooch. '58 Ferrari 250 SWB at Road Atlanta.

Chevron A class win at Road America in Alan Lewis' Chevron B-27, 1997.

Book signing Book signing at Road America in '97.

Fabcar In Fabcar Porsche at Mid-Ohio '97.

What the..? Geez, Burt, that stain will never come out...

Brian Redman BS about to take a brisk ride with Brian Redman at Memphis Motorsports park, 1989 - note calm expression! Picture was taken with my camera but I think Robert Hobbs snapped it.

Lotus 11 Dudley Cummingham (yellow Lotus #7) leads BS (white Lotus #87), James Hamlin (silver Lotus #21) and Roger Sieling (green Lotus #45) in the Battle of the Elevens during Saturday's grid race, Summit Point, 1997.

Pinto Driving the Pinto from Hell, Road Atlanta 1997.

Smooch Disgusting, but who cares? Note sign on trailer in background. Thanks, guys.

Big bite While waiting for the best light to shoot Jack Boxstrom's Chaparral One, I went fishing on the Bay of Quinty. Note enormous catch (below his right armpit).

C-4R In Cunningham C4R official replica at Watkins Glen, 1997.

Ol' Yaller In famous "Ol Yaller" race car at Phoenix, 1996.

Mini In Dick Baker's Mini at Mosport in 1997.

Eh? The V.A.Y. special, Mosport, 1997. Borrowed helmet.

B-8 In Charlie Kolb's Chevron B-8 at GingerMan.

17 The 1959 Lotus 17. Owner David Whiteside and I drove to back-to-back Rolex enduro championships in '93 and '94.
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