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I will once again be hawking/signing books (hopefully somewhere up on the infield Vendor Midway?) as well as covering the event for VINTAGE MOTORSPORT magazine and maybe, just maybe, co-driving in an Enduro or two at the HSR's SttVRS (Seminal to the Vintage Racing Season) Walter Mitty Challenge at Road Atlanta.

MAY 19-22:

Hope to be flogging something Loud & Interesting around Road America at the SVRA Vintage/Trans-Am weekend, and will of course be flogging books/audiobooks in the most excellent ROAD AMERICA GIFT SHOP.

MAY 29:

Shamelessly Hawking Books at Fuelfed's excellent Cars & Coffee morning car show in my original hometown of Winnetka, IL, followed by watching the one and only Indianapolis 500 with some friends.

JUNE 8-22:

EPIC CALIFORNY TRIP!!! Yep, Carol & me are once again headed to La-La Land.

JUNE 11:

I'll be doing a book signing at Autobooks/Aerobooks in Burbank (a worthy destination ANY time) on Saturday morning.

JUNE 13:

I'm filling in as a guest instructor (blind leading the blind, etc.) at the Alfa Romeo Owners Club National Convention track day at Willow Springs Raceway

JUNE 14:

The same group's Group Tour of the Petersen Museum

JUNE 17-19:

The bare truth is that the Alfa Romeo Owners Club host region (Southern Cal, natch) failed miserably as far as getting a real headliner for their annual convention. I am their official banquet speaker on Saturday night and will do my level best.

JULY 22-24:

I'll be doing much the same (but with a fake British Accent and much deeper twincam music) at the sure-to-be-lovely Jaguar Club gathering in Little Switzerland, North Carolina, July 22-24 (one week after the incomparable WIC Vintage Racing Extravaganza at Road America). But let's cross that Lloyd Bridges when we get to it...

More to come….