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Following a dozen years as an occasionally successful but eternally under-budgeted amateur and semi-professional racing driver, Burt Levy discovered the world of Vintage Racing in 1983 and instantly fell in love. Especially after he realized he could BS his way into all sorts of mouth-watering equipment under the thoroughly transparent pretext of "writing magazine stories about them." He has been absolutely shameless in his pursuit of interesting rides, and his success rate with car owners speaks volumes about the general intelligence level of the vintage racing community.

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Lotus 17 In the 1959 Lotus 17 owned and co-driven by David Whiteside of Birmingham, Alabama. Together, we won the Rolex Endurance Championship in 1993 and 1994 and the Index of Performance award in the 1994 Paine-Webber series for vintage cars. The tiny Lotus weighs less than 1000lbs. and can reach 140mph with just a 90 cubic-inch engine.

AUSCA In the 1969 Alfa Romeo AUSCA Spider I built and raced in 1986-87. My partner and sponsor in the deal was Joe Marchetti, a great enthusiast and owner of the Como Inn restaurant in Chicago. I got the car literally out of a barn in pieces and put it together myself. It won 13 out of 15 races while I had it.

Lotus 7 In J.R. MItchell's Lotus 7 at Pittsburgh, just before he won the race and almost killed somebody.

Burtice? Burt tries to sneak into the Ladies' Race at Heartland Park Topeka, June, 1991.

Alfa The 1982 Alfa Romeo Spider I raced on the SCCA National circuit in 1983. We ran 8 Nationals and won four of them, setting 2 lap records in the process. Then we hit trouble at the National Championships at Road Atlanta and finished a dismal 10th overall, getting beat by people we'd run away from all season long. Oh, well...

Aston My buddy Jack Boxstrom leading David Whiteside in the Whiteside/Levy Lotus 17, Rolex Endurance Challenge at Road Atlanta.

Wood In Dave Bondon's Morgan SS at Road Atlanta, 1997. Borrowed helmet, of course.

Tojiero In John Muller's one-of-a-kind 1957 Tojiero Climax during a very wet Watkins Glen enduro in September of 1996. Guess what - borrowed helmet.

Dekon 1974 Dekon Monza - one just like this won the IMSA GT championship in 1976 and 1977 in the hands of Al Holbert. GREAT CAR!!

Wackey Driving a rare Arnolt Bristol Bolide (sounds like Bolus & Snopes-ed.) at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. The Arnolt was the brainchild of S.H. "Wacky" Arnolt, a midwestern businessman who had English Bristol chassis shipped to Italy and fitted with Bertone bodywork, then brought to Chicago to sell in the late 1950s.

Forza At the wheel of a 1965 Ferrari 250LM during the Historic Enduro at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin in July of 1987. The car is a sister to the one that won the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1965 and is capable of speeds in excess of 175 miles per hour. At the time of the 1987 enduro, the car was owned by Joe Marchetti (owner/operator of the Como Inn, Chicago) who co-drove with Burt in the race.

Chaparral Driving the original Jim Hall Chaparral 1 at Shannonville, Ontario, Canada, 1997.
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